Monday, 21 May 2012

Gluten free e mails part 1 - wagamama pork ribs

Well here are a few of the e mails I have been sending to companies in relation to their menu

sent today to wagamama....

"I would like to enquire in relation to your pork ribs.  I noticed on your website this recent addition to your menu is stated as being gluten free. 
When I visited your resturant on Sat I noticed that it was not on the allergy menu as being gluten free.  I asked the waitress to speak to the chef to confirm whether it was in fact gluten free. The response from the chef was that he did not recommend this item to a person on a gluten free diet - the waitrress seemed to suggest this was more a cross contamination issue than whether there was gluten in the item.

Please could you confirm whether the pork ribs are in fact gluten free.

If they are not please can you remove them from your website as being gluten free.
if they are gluten free please can you update your allergy menu and also ensure all staff are aware of this so there isnt a contamination issue."

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