Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sukrin free from bread mix

The nice people at sukrin sent me some goodies.

So I decided firstly to try the bread mix. As little boy likes the genius seeded bread best (his spotty bread he calls it) I thought he might like this mix as it is full of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. 
Now I must admit when I saw was also yeast free I wasn't convinced. When I looked at the instructions I was even less convinced. You just add water. "Just add water" I thought. "This won't end well." But I added water I left it a few minutes and then I decided to shape in a round (a foil bread "tin" is supplied for you to use if you want.)

I put in oven and waited. Out came this....
It looked good. So good in fact this happened 
Little boy was told to wait for it to cool. 

A little while later we sliced into it...

And boy was I wrong. It was delicious. 
Now I love seeded bread so this was right up my street. But this was much more seeded than genius so I nervously handed the boy a slice. He wolfed it down. "I like my new bread mummy can I have some more". In fact even gluten eating hubby who normally won't touch gf bread liked it. 

So there you go. First impressions aren't always right. And this bread gets a huge thumbs up in this house. 

Carrot cake

Been meaning to make carrot cake for a while. So we decided let's give it a go. 

I recently puchased world of food 101 gluten free recipes magazine and it has a carrot cake recipe so I gave it a go.

The children made marzipan carrots for the top. It tasted scrummy!!!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Jammy dodgers gluten free

After a trip to Lakeland I found these fab cutters. 
So I thought let's give jammy dodgers a go. I surfed the net and found this recipe. so decided to give them a go. 

Taste wise a huge success. But I need to perfect them. I think I cooked them a couple of mins too long as browner that I would have liked. They also are a little bit too crumbly for my liking. But I am pretty sure that next time I bake them they will be perfect. The munchkins love them and that's what matters. 

Who needs play dough

Play dough with its stupid wheat containing ingredients sucks. 

I have tried in the past to make a replacement gluten free version with varying levels of success. 

However this morning whilst finishing off our gf carrot cake (more on that later) I was stuck by a brain wave. Marzipan!!!

I hastily coloured up a few balls of delicious marzipan and the munchkins made up some animals. Best bit of this is that you get to eat them after. Well maybe not all at once. 

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Chocolate cake with courgettes. Yes courgettes

Waitrose food magazine is a favourite in our house as usually lots of tasty in season recipes. It's a bargain too as is free to John Lewis credit card holders. 

Anyway I picked up one a couple of weeks back and was excited to see a
Number of recipes which involved cooking with vegetables. Now we all know carrot cake is delicious so it seems to me that we should be putting more veg on our cakes as I have noticed a lot of thes
e recipes are gluten free and also they are often lower in fat as you don't need to put as much fat in. 

Anyway the resulting cake was totally delicious and was devoured by the family. 

The small ones got to put the pistachios on top which they loved. There was plenty of accidental fingers in the icing too. I suspect this was anything but accidental but the icing was lovely so who can blame them. 

Forgot to add the courgettes were freshly harvested from our allotment. Yum. 

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Chinese part 2

Just realised I hadn't shared the pics of the  pot stickers I made for Chinese New Year. So here they are


Gluten free and Chinese good can be a nightmare. 
I have been slowly working through a great cookbook and making all the faves. 

We have had some lovely pot stickers and spring rolls. Which were definitely worth the effort.

So tonight we made pancakes with Fu Shu pork. Gotta say it was very tasty. The pancakes could do with be ever so
Slightly thinner but tastes delicious.

As you can see from the pic taken mid
Meal they were super yummy.