Friday, 13 January 2012

Gluten free fajita

Ok on a whim I decided tonight to make tortillas. Have never made them before even with wheat flour but figured it would be fun.
I googled for recipes and got my first hurdle. Corn tortillas aren't just made of corn flour - as you would imagine. No they are made of a special flour masa harina. Well I dont have that in my cupboard and you can only get from specialist stores. So will add to my shopping list for a later date. But that left me with a dilemma. Give up on my whim or be creative. So I was creative. I decided to find a recipe for gluten free flour tortillas but to put some corn/maize flour in it to flavour it a bit more!!
So my finished recipe was
1 1/2 cup dove gluten free flour
1/2 cup corn/maize flour
1 1/2 tea spoon xantam gum
1 1/2 tea spoon sugar
2/3 tea spoon salt
1 cup warm water.

I mixed the dry ingredients them added the water and made into a dough. I then took ping pong ball sized balls. Rolled them put between two sheets of cling film. Then heated a frying plan and cooked them until was puffing and starting to get brown spots on each side.

They were yummy. I made a steak fajita mix and served with grated cheese lettuce and salsa.

Both little p's loved it. Success.

However will need some practice to make them more circular!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Reply from ASK

I am pleased to say I have already had a lovely reply from ASK. It was very much as I expected a thanks for the feedback. But then I wouldn't expect a restutant to suddenly change their menu on the whim of an individual. But it was still a lovely reply and hopefully it will make a improvement to what is already a nice restaurant. I also finally got confirmation that the thousand island dressing hey serve with the veg sticks is gluten free. So master p can dip his veg sticks and the gluten free breadstick I always bring with me into that.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Ask resturant - gluten free childrens menu option

Well we love ASK in this house, it is a lovely chain and the  food is nice.  To find out not lng after Master P's diagnosis that they had started doing gluten free pasta was fab.

I have to say the gluten free pasta they offer is lovely and makes life easier to know that there is somewhere you can go in most big towns which will have a gluten free and hassle free option.

I am pleased to report that I have e mailed them with some feedback tonight.  Firstly to thank them for putting gluten free pasta and secondly giving some feedback on the menu.

The food is nice but would benefit from slightly less pasta or more sauce and the gluten free fusilli bolognese ends up slightly dryer than the wheat penne - and kids do love their sauce.

Also a few times I have found the pasta a little too much on the al dente side for a child - i would have eaten it but master P struggled a bit as he prefers a softer pasta!!

Anyway I will update you with their response.

Master P birthday cake

Little Master P turned 2 in November.

I thought I would share his birhday cake picture.

I used a Phil Vickery recipe for the gluten free cake and it turned out really really well.

Gluten Free Mummy Fail

Before Christmas I had my first fail..
It was Miss P's school disco so she Master P and a friend all decided to go.

As it didnt start til 630 I didnt think about food as I gave them tea before they went......BUT of course there was food there - hot dogs and chips and cakes.

All 3 wanted food.  It was horrible as they all wanted food.  In the end I had a chat with the lady cooking them and it appeared the chips were probably okay for Master P as it didnt look like anything in batter had been cooked in the oil.

So I will be much more prepared next time.  I will be packing gluten free cakes for a start!!  I am also going to invest in a wide mouthed thermos as a lovely friend of mine came up with a suggestion.  Cook the sausages before I go, wrap them up in foil and place them in the thermos.  I might put hot water in around the foil if the suasages are well wrapped.  If i take this and gluten free bread then Master P can have his own gluten free hot dog.  I cant wait for an occassion to test this out!

Gluten free fishfingers

Having tried a couple of the frozen gluten free fish fingers i was a little underwhelmed.  The crumb was always nice but the fish inside wasnt as nice as the wheat ones we had (guess that is becuase they were the waitrose chunky ones and they were lovely)
So I decided to have a go at gluten free ones.

For the breadcrumb i put some Warburtons gluten free bread in the blender, added the zest of a lemon, a good pinch or two of dried oregano, some salt and pepper.  I cut the cod fillet into peices rolled in a beaten egg then the breadcrumbs.

The crazy thing is the whole process toook less time than cooking frozen ones.  Taste wise they were yummy. 

DS Pizza

We tried the DS pizza today - the thin crust frozen one.

Well I have to say it is the nicest frozen pizza I have tasted it beats all the wheat frozen pizza I have had.

Well done DS - happy little P's