Friday, 6 January 2012

Gluten Free Mummy Fail

Before Christmas I had my first fail..
It was Miss P's school disco so she Master P and a friend all decided to go.

As it didnt start til 630 I didnt think about food as I gave them tea before they went......BUT of course there was food there - hot dogs and chips and cakes.

All 3 wanted food.  It was horrible as they all wanted food.  In the end I had a chat with the lady cooking them and it appeared the chips were probably okay for Master P as it didnt look like anything in batter had been cooked in the oil.

So I will be much more prepared next time.  I will be packing gluten free cakes for a start!!  I am also going to invest in a wide mouthed thermos as a lovely friend of mine came up with a suggestion.  Cook the sausages before I go, wrap them up in foil and place them in the thermos.  I might put hot water in around the foil if the suasages are well wrapped.  If i take this and gluten free bread then Master P can have his own gluten free hot dog.  I cant wait for an occassion to test this out!

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