Friday, 6 January 2012

Ask resturant - gluten free childrens menu option

Well we love ASK in this house, it is a lovely chain and the  food is nice.  To find out not lng after Master P's diagnosis that they had started doing gluten free pasta was fab.

I have to say the gluten free pasta they offer is lovely and makes life easier to know that there is somewhere you can go in most big towns which will have a gluten free and hassle free option.

I am pleased to report that I have e mailed them with some feedback tonight.  Firstly to thank them for putting gluten free pasta and secondly giving some feedback on the menu.

The food is nice but would benefit from slightly less pasta or more sauce and the gluten free fusilli bolognese ends up slightly dryer than the wheat penne - and kids do love their sauce.

Also a few times I have found the pasta a little too much on the al dente side for a child - i would have eaten it but master P struggled a bit as he prefers a softer pasta!!

Anyway I will update you with their response.

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