Thursday, 12 September 2013

Chocolate cake with courgettes. Yes courgettes

Waitrose food magazine is a favourite in our house as usually lots of tasty in season recipes. It's a bargain too as is free to John Lewis credit card holders. 

Anyway I picked up one a couple of weeks back and was excited to see a
Number of recipes which involved cooking with vegetables. Now we all know carrot cake is delicious so it seems to me that we should be putting more veg on our cakes as I have noticed a lot of thes
e recipes are gluten free and also they are often lower in fat as you don't need to put as much fat in. 

Anyway the resulting cake was totally delicious and was devoured by the family. 

The small ones got to put the pistachios on top which they loved. There was plenty of accidental fingers in the icing too. I suspect this was anything but accidental but the icing was lovely so who can blame them. 

Forgot to add the courgettes were freshly harvested from our allotment. Yum. 

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