Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sukrin free from bread mix

The nice people at sukrin sent me some goodies.

So I decided firstly to try the bread mix. As little boy likes the genius seeded bread best (his spotty bread he calls it) I thought he might like this mix as it is full of sunflower and pumpkin seeds. 
Now I must admit when I saw was also yeast free I wasn't convinced. When I looked at the instructions I was even less convinced. You just add water. "Just add water" I thought. "This won't end well." But I added water I left it a few minutes and then I decided to shape in a round (a foil bread "tin" is supplied for you to use if you want.)

I put in oven and waited. Out came this....
It looked good. So good in fact this happened 
Little boy was told to wait for it to cool. 

A little while later we sliced into it...

And boy was I wrong. It was delicious. 
Now I love seeded bread so this was right up my street. But this was much more seeded than genius so I nervously handed the boy a slice. He wolfed it down. "I like my new bread mummy can I have some more". In fact even gluten eating hubby who normally won't touch gf bread liked it. 

So there you go. First impressions aren't always right. And this bread gets a huge thumbs up in this house. 

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