Thursday, 11 August 2011

Gluten free picnic eggs

Ok we all love mini picnic eggs. And a picnic in the household of the 4ps wouldn't be the same without it. But you can't buy gluten free ones.
So last weekend I decided to make my own. I made some breadcrumbs from the left over genius loaf. Which I have to say made Lovely breadcrumbs. For the sausagemeat I tried to get it from m&s whose sausagemeat is gluten free. But sadly there wasn't any in stock. So I just brought there standard sausages which are gluten free. Virtually all m&s sausages are gluten free!!! I boiled an egg. And mashed up 2/3rd. I left out some ofthe White part in the hope being more yokey it would taste nicer and hold well. I then floured my hands with doves gluten free flour made a ball out of half a sausage of sausagemeat. I squashed the ball flat and then curled the edges in fist. I then filled the centre with a dollop of mashed egg and worked the sausagemeat around it til it covered. Then dipped the egg in a beaten egg and rolled it in breadcrumbs. I then fried them. They were delicious!!! I think I overfilled then a bit as I forgot that sausagemeat shrinks a bit so a couple split in places. But they still looked and tasted yum.

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