Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Best gluten free biscuits

Well so far we have been trailing a lot of different gluten free biscuits.
Gotta say so far these are the little p's favourites.
Glutafin digestives. We were dismayed at some of the yukky ones we had tried. But these actually taste like a digestive.
Enjoy gluten free chocolate covered wafer fingers - basically kit kats!!
Free to enjoy Jaffa cakes. Took a bit of getting use too as choc quite bitter but once u realise u need to bit bigger to get more than just choc all is good.
Kent and Fraser lemon cookies. These are lemon tastic
Love more Jammy wheels. These are actually better than gluten containing jammy dodgers as a higher jam to biscuit ratio.

Will add more tasty treats when I think of them.

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