Thursday, 8 September 2011

Gluten free beef and ale pie.

Just made gluten free shortcrust pastry in a gluten free beef n ale pie. It was so scrummy. So I think I have cracked this gluten free cooking. I just need to make gluten free croissants to have crossed off my list of things I said I wanted to be able to make. Although I must admit I am already thinking of another list ha ha. 

For the pastry I tried two types. The orgran pizza and pastry mix for the bottom and doves White flour following the pastry recipe on the top for the top. They made different pastry. The orgran was very short and crumbly so rolling out was fun. In fact I added more water to
Make it more pliable. It made really great textured pasty. But don't taste it raw it is disgusting. Think was the pea flour. But cooked it tasted good. The other texturally wasn't as short. In fact it was a very wet pastry that needed a lot of resting and chilling. But taste wise it was so buttery and yummy. So I would recommend either as they both tasted nice and like pastry. I would say that the orgran prob had the egde on texture and the dove on flavour. But so glad to have found it as easy as I did.

Croissants next - I think I am ready!!!

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