Friday, 2 September 2011

Gluten free pumpkin cake and pizza bases.

Right we tried some new recipes
In the last few days. Firstly we made gluten free pumpkin cake. It was DELICIOUS. I have made a gluten version before and this was just as yummy. We made a maple and cream cheese frosting and it was so moist and tasty.

We also decided to attempt pizza bases. I have made my own for years so were looking forward to it. I decided to try out my breadmaker on this. So chucked in a recipe from the net and off we went. Until half a hour later I looked in and the dough was stodgy. So I added a bit of water n let it do it's thing. When it was finished I realised that doh. I forgot the egg. No wonder was stodgy. Anyway when it came to rolling out it was really wet and I couldn't roll it. I had to place a layer of cling film n flatten. Anyway I cooked for a few mins. Then added toppings and cooked til done (the recipe said about the pre
Cooking). Now taste wise was lovely. In fact may be te best tasting dough I have ever made!! I wonder whether I added too much water.
Anyway I have also decided to try out the same recipe but with the phil vickary flour blend he suggests for bread. That made up a little stodgy too. So had to add water. Have that in my fridge right now so will see how it rolls out tomorrow.

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